Thursday, September 24, 2009

My stay at Sime Darby Medical Center, Subang

Well the topmost photo is with my surgeon Dato' Dr. Rozali who performed the triple bypass on 17.09.09. Below that was my bed. An unshaven photo of me taken yesterday with the white stubs and an oily face and hair. The photo after that is taken on the link bridge where I do my walking and the next photo is that of my view from my window.

Finally the photo above is taken when they served me my dinner....chicken kurma .....

2nd lease of life

Well that is the title of my new blog. What I intend to do is share my experience and thoughts that I have after my heart attack. Please feel free to ask me anything about my heart attack, on what diet that I am on and how I am coping with life.

I am told to rest for the next 2 months. And for your information I was discharged from the hospital this afternoon and on 17.09.09, I had undergone a triple bypass surgery by Dato' Dr. Rozali and I owe him my life.

I would like share with you my thoughts and my feelings, now that I am given a second lease of life.

God Bless and thank you.